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3 Easy Ways To That Are Proven To Make Project Ubuntu Your Headquarters in 2018 10 Minutes Ago – Continue -.mare 12 September Windows Server 2019 Now Supports NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Shipping In Three Weeks, $499+ NVIDIA announced today that the release date for the GeForce RTX 2070, the much cheaper but still quite capable Turing graphics card, with pricing to start at $499 USD. why not try these out September 07:59 PM EDT – NVIDIA – RTX 2070 SDL’s 2D Render API Getting Improved With New Batching System Prolific Linux game porter/developer Ryan Gordon has been tackling improvements to the SDL2 library’s 2D rendering code with the introduction of a batching system. 12 September 07:20 PM EDT – Linux Gaming – SDL Render + Batching Google Open-Sources “GraphicsFuzz” for Open-Source Game Fuzz The latest open-source game plugin engine to create go to the website “gFuzz” game took a trip to the code-named “XDC2018”. 12 September 04:12 PM EDT – Google – GraphicsFuzz The State Of Wayland Support For KDE Plasma 5.

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14 KDE developer Roman Gilg has shared the current state of Wayland support for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.14 release as well as an outlook to improvements on the horizon. 12 September 03:43 PM EDT – KDE – Plasma 5.14 + Wayland A Quick Test Of NVIDIA’s “Carmel” CPU Performance NVIDIA’s Tegra Xavier SoC is becoming more widely available now that the Jetson Xavier Development Kit has begun shipping. Besides this latest SoC being wikipedia reference exciting design with its Volta-based GPU and having a Tensor Processing Unit / Deep Learning Accelerator, it’s exciting on the CPU side as well with NVIDIA’s custom-designed ARMv8 “Carmel” CPU cores.

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12 September 02:38 PM EDT – Processors Portable Computing Language 1.2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs & More The Portable Computing Language (a.k.a. POCL or PortableCL) is the effort for getting OpenCL running on CPUs as well as other hardware for this open-source code-base that supports OpenCL 1.

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2 with some OpenCL 2.0+ functionality. 12 September 02:45 PM EDT – Free Software – POCL 1.2 Fedora 29 Is On Track With A Lot Of Changes With Fedora 29 Beta set to ship today, here’s a reminder about some of the great changes on the way with this next installment of the Fedora Linux distribution that is on track to officially release around the end of October. 12 September 07:38 PM EDT – Fedora – Fedora 29 Features Collabora Had Another Stellar Year For Open-Source Consulting The Collabora open-source consulting firm whose expertise spans from the Linux kernel to LibreOffice and X.

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Org had another successful year. The UK-based company last week reported their 2017 financial position last week navigate to this website a glimpse at the viability of open-source / free software consulting. 12 September 01:18 PM EDT – Free Software – Open-Source Success XDC 2018 Kicks Off Tomorrow In A Coruña Tomorrow marks the start of the annual X.Org Developers’ Conference that is not only about the X11 server but also Mesa, Wayland, Linux input, and other areas of the desktop stack. 12 September 01:14 PM EDT – X.

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Org – XDC2018 24 September

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